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Tutorial Thursday – Chocolate slider card

Today It’s my turn to show you something fun to do for your friends or family. I found an idea for this slider chocolate packaging on a German blog and decided to do it myself using la-la land crafts items.
What you need:
kraft cardstock
design paper
scoring board
paper trimmer
double sided adhesive
decorative brads
3d foam pads
la-la land crafts items you need:
Step 1:
Take your craft cardstock (300g) and cut out three pieces measuring 
9.5″ x 5″
6″ x 3 3/4″
5 1/8″ x 1″
Make score lines on the biggest rectangle at: 2.5″, 2 3/4″, 6 3/4″ and 7″.
Make the score lines on the smallest one at: 2.5″, 2 3/4″ and 3 7/8″.
Step 2:
Take your corner chopper and cut the corners off on one side of the 6″ x 3 3/4″ rectangle.
Step 3:
Choose two animals from the Winter critters set and colour them using Distress ink pads. I also stamped the sentiment, but then I decided to use another one. hehe
Step 4:
Stamp the sentiment “Warmest Wishes” and cut it out by hand. Also cut another piece from the design paper and put it under the first one. I cut them out shaped like a flag and glue them together using paper button.
When you glued the two flags together, glue them to the top of the middle sized rectangle (the one with rounded edges on one side).
Step 5:
Cut the smaller rectangle as the picture bellow. Keep in mind that the size/shape of the right side of this part may change, depending on the size of the image you’ll choose to decorate the card. I had to trim down mine a bit at the end.
Step 6:
Put double sided adhesive on the top of the biggest rectangle. Cut out a rectangle from design paper measuring 4 6/8″ x 3 6/8″ and glue it to the middle scored part (4″ x 5″).
Step 7:
Make a cut with your crafting knife 7/8″ from each side and 1″ from bottom.
Step 8:
Put the smaller pointed part into the slot and then adhere the back of it to the long rectangle with rounded edges. Keep the smallest part in the slot while you glue this together! You have to adhere this one at least 1″ from the edge, because the slot we cut was 7/8″ from the edge.
It looks like this when you turn it arround. When you have it all set up, you can remove the backing on the double sided tape and adhere it together. Now it’s time to decorate!!!
Step 9:
I made a small winter scene with my critters.
Sooo … when you pull out a tag, cute little fox comes to the bunny. This project is meant to put the chocolate inside, so when you pull the tag, the chocolate comes out. I obviously didn’t have any to put inside, hahahhaha ….
When you’ll make this project you might have to adjust the hight of the middle part, depending of the hight of your candy.
That’s all from me today! Have fun!
Hugs, t.


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