Dear Visitor,
my name is Tamara, welcome to my website where I share my creations to the world!

I started with card-making more than a 10 years ago, it went very quickly from making cards for friends & family to designing for some of the best companies in the world.

I’ve been part of different design teams for many years, that’s why I’m able to show you different styles of cards, from very clean and simple to very shabby. I have participated as a teacher/designer in many online and live classes/events, some of my creations were also published in a variety of crafting magazines (see below).

Since recently I also make a handmade polymer clay earrings. I started playing with the idea somewhere around Christmas 2022 and after watching many tutorials from diff clay artists, I made my first pair of earrings in Summer 2023 and I was hooked!!! I absolutely loooove it! I hope you’ll like it too!

Professionally I work as a school teacher and I share my card- and clay-making passion to my school kids too. I’m a mom to a beautiful girl and I have a very supporting husband. We’re also pawrents to 3 cats.

If you have any questions about my work or you would want to have a custom made card or earrings, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you just want to say hello or write a few words you can also use comments section on the bottom of this page. If you would like to rate my blog/shop/products, please do so on my Write a review page, it will help a lot! Thanks!

— Love, T.

Ever wondered how do I color all those images?

Almost all my cards include at least one hand colored image using distress inks. Coloring one image takes in average about 45 minutes. Some cards have more than one image or even several images so it can also take many hours to color and design one single card. Here is a video of me coloring one image which took almost an hour:

Here is me doing some other crafty stuff:

Some of Magazine Publications featured with my creations:

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