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Mini album (Easter) TUTORIAL

Today I’m sharing with you a tutorial on how I made Eastern mini album for today’s la-la land crafts New Release showcase. This mini album looks like a little purse with a handle on the top. You can place 3 small pictures inside and there’s also one page for writing a memory or a sentiment if the album is a gift.
Sooooo …. let’s get started …
What you need:
white cardstock
kraft cardstock
design paper
3 small paper flowers
2 small brads
paper trimmer
scoring board
double sided adhesive
liquid adhesive
la-la land crafts items you need for this project:
Step 1:
Take white cardstock a cut a rectangle size 5.5″ x 19″. Make score lines like on the sketch bellow (score at 5.5″ – 6″ – 11.5″ – 12.5″ – 13.5″).

Step 2:
Take white cardstock and cut:
6x    5 3/8″ x 5 3/8″
6x    4 6/8″ x 4 6/8″
4x    5 3/8″ x 7/8″
2x    5 3/8″ x 3/8″
…. then take design paper and cut:
3x    5 2/8″ x 5 2/8″
3x    5 2/8″ x 5 2/8″
6x    4 5/8″ x 4 5/8″
4x    5 2/8″ x 6/8″
2x    5 2/8″ x 2/8″
Step 3:
Cut 4 stitched rectangles (the biggest one) from kraft cardstock. Then take the middle size stitched rectangle and cut out the middle of the bigger one so you get a frame for picture. Do the same with 3 of them, leave one whole!
Cut piece of acetat and cover the inside of the frame. Repeat with all three frames.
Step 4:
Take your rectangle with score lines and fold acording to the picture bellow. You can already see the final shape of the album.
Step 5:
I really love everything to be layered with white cardstock, so now you have to put all white cardstock pieces together with the 1/8″ smaller design paper pieces. There’s a lot of gluing involved but it will make the whole project really sturdy (and extra pretty).
Adhere the smaller squares to the middle of the bigger ones. When you have all glued together you can start adhering them to the base. Leave the smallest piece!!! Don’t adhere it yet!!!!
Step 6:
Now take the smallest piece from previous step and a tool (something with a sharp pint). Find the middle of it with a ruller and then make two holes. You will put eyelets here at the end of the tutorial.
Holes must be a little closer than the holes on the tab die cut so that when you’ll add eyelets it will look like a little hook.
When you have the holes on the design paper piece you adhere it to the base. Then take your needle tool and make holes through the base. 
Step 7:
When all layers are adhered (except the inner small piece) you can start decorating the inside. First adhere the frames. Be careful!!! Leave the upper line open so that you can put a picture inside.
Frames are adhered only on 3 sides!
Picture can be put inside through the top of the frame.
Take the rectangle that you didn’t cut the middle out and also adhere it on three sides. You are now decorating the side you see when you open up the lid. So be careful how you’re adhering it!!! The opening should be on the side so that we can add a tag inside.
Frames on the left have opening on the top, and from this angle the full square does too but when you close the album it’s actually on the side.
Step 8:
Make die cuts and colour and fussy cut the image.
Step 9:
Decorate the inside. First cut off a piece of the grass so that it will be the same lenght as the square. Then adhere it to the bottom of squares. Add animals and banners.
Step 10:
Decorate the front. First adhere the Spring tree, then circles and grass ….
I added foam dots to the bunny.
Step 11:
The last thing to do is to add a handle. Take your tab die cut and place it on the top of the album and use eyelets to attach it. I used small brass brads.
Brads must go through the base. When you have both attached you adhere the last small piece of the design paper and you’re done!
Step 12:
Add glitter, paper flowers …
Thank you for visiting my blog today!!!!
Hugs, t.


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