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Distress ink colouring TUTORIAL

Today I’m showing you my tutorial that I made for a magazine Kreatief met Kaarten. I used one of the Paper Nest Dolls called Princess Sweet Pea. Here’s a pic from the magazine:
…. and here’s my tutorial. 😉
Colouring with Distress markers and Ink pads
When you start colouring with Distress Markers you need high quality paper. I use Langton hot pressed (HP) extra smooth 300g paper. This paper makes colouring really easy and allows you to blend colours perfectly. I usually use only one synthetic brush 000. If I need to colour really small details, then I use 00000 brush. Distress markers have two nibs, brush and fine, but I only use brush nib. I never colour directly on paper. I apply colour with my marker on clear acrylic block and take it off with my brush as much as I need.
I start with skin. I use Vintage Photo Distress ink pad. I take a little bit of colour from my acrylic block and add it to the face line. Then I clean my brush and spread the colour in a circular motion, leading to the centre of the face. I like to leave the centre of the face empty, without any colour.
After I finish the first layer of colour on her face, I continue the same way with her neck and arms. While I colour I rinse my brush many times and drain the excess water on my paper towel. I let it all dry for a few minutes and then do it all over again, two-three times. I colour the parts where the shadows are darker and leave some highlights almost white.
For colouring hair I need two distress markers: antique linen and walnut stain. First I use antique linen and colour the whole hair with it. I use very wet brush, so the colour is very bright. I leave it dry out for a few minutes and use that time to colour her pillow. First I draw lines where the folds are and then start colouring the inside of each fold.

When the first layer of colour on her hair dries I start colouring the areas where the shadows are (behind the arm, ears …). I add colour to small parts of her hair and spread it out with my almost dry brush. After finishing the hair I colour small dots and bows on her pillow with peeled paint. I use the same colour for the peas too.
After I coloured her skin and hair I start with her dress. I use victorian velvet and black soot for shading. First I colour areas where the shadows are and draw folds on her dress. I apply small amounts of colour on each fold and then spread it out with almost dry brush. After I apply the first layer of colour on her dress, I wait a few minutes and then repeat the same process 2-3 times. I want my shadows to really stand out, so I use a little bit of black soot at the end. I use black soot for her bunny slippers too.
After the drying of first layer I add more colour to her slippers and colour bunny’s noses with victorian velvet.

For her crown I used victorian velvet and black soot.

The last thing I colour are cheeks. I use worn lipstick for the cheeks. I only take a very small amount of colour and apply it on the edge of her face and then spread it out using a wet brush. You don’t want to use too much colour, because it will look too intense.

 That’s it! Thank you for visiting my blog today! Have fun!
Hugs, t.


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