Saturday, 6 August 2016

Paper Nest Dolls - cards by order

Today I'm showing you a few cards that I made for Paper Nest Dolls. Those of you who will meet Christine at the craft shows will also be able to see these cards in person. I'm also showing you a few cards that I made for the Cretief meet Carten magazine. The latest issue came out yesterday and a sneak peak of a tutorial I made for them is in on the front page. Does that makes me a cover girl? hehee ....

I'll be posting that tutorial on my blog too, when I'll have time to set everything up.

Soooo .... first the magazine cards .... I only photographed 2, I forgot the third one.

.... and then the cards I got an order for .... 


That's it. I hope you like them.
Hugs, t.


  1. omg you've amzing cards!!! congrats on your "cover girl" (of course ;)) publication

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